Justine and Cat join in for a special episode at SXSW 2010. Two favourite brands of the show, Vosges Haut Chocolat and Lindt & Sprüngli, are tasted by all three of us. Some SXSW attendees passing by even stop in for some free candy.

Vosges Peanut Butter Bonbon Bar contains organic peanut butter and 45% cocoa. It’s saltier than one might expect.

I had quite a bit of trouble researching information about Lindt’s Peach-Apricot Yogurt chocolate block. At the time of writing (February 2011 — I know, it has taken me a while to post these episodes) I couldn’t find much information at all about this product. Surprisingly, I didn’t keep the wrapper (I usually do for exotic products) and I’m unable to find an image of the rear of the wrapper.

Helen Goodman, creator of the blog Chocolates I Have Known, also discovered it was difficult to find information about the Peach-Apricot Yogurt block. However, she did write a good post about it with a photo of the front attached.

After finding very little information online, I decided to call Lindt USA. They knew nothing about the product. Then, I called the Lindt Cafe in Martin Place, Sydney, Australia. The girl who answered the phone recalled seeing the product, but suggested I call Lindt Australia Headquarters. I did so, and they didn’t have any recollection of the product, but that they would get back to me via email if they found anything. Less than a day later the nice lady replied to me with a scanned image of a Lindt ‘Yogurt’ Block. Not the same thing as we reviewed in this episode, but close.

Gosh. What an ordeal. Companies need to have information about past/discontinued products. Especially when they’re as tasty as the Peach-Apricot Yogurt chocolate featured in this episode. If you see that product anywhere in the world, then please let me know! :)

Informative links:

Vosges Peanut Butter Bonbon Exotic Candy BarPurchased from Hubbell and Hudson in The Woodlands, Texas

Lindt Peach-Apricot YogurtPurchased from Lindt Chocolat Café at Cockle Bay Wharf in Sydney, Australia

  • Product currently discontinued worldwide (as far as I can tell).

Production notes

This episode was recorded in the Artist’s Lounge on level 3 of the Austin Convention Center during SXSW 2010.

Camera – Panasonic Lumix TZ5
Audio – Blue Mikey
Lighting – Overhead room lights

Recorded, edited, and exported in 720p @ 30fps.
Audio sync’d (albeit poorly; Mikey audio kept getting ahead of video)

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  1. bbautista

    21. Mar, 2011

    How does one get to be a guest on this show? It combines making silly videos and eating sugar… I feel like I was made for this!

  2. djsteen

    25. Mar, 2011

    Very little requirements: Be in the same location as me and have a passion for eating sweets. Are you going to be traveling anywhere this year? Maybe SXSW next year? ;)

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