Derek and Rachel perch themselves on a deck and compare Australian strawberry liquorice to American strawberry licorice. (They even spell it differently.)

Darrell Lea makes Australia’s #1 liquorice and exports it to many countries worldwide. Y&S Candies (formerly known as Young & Smylie) manufacturers Twizzlers, and since 1977 has been owned by The Hershey Company.

Technically, Twizzlers aren’t liquorice because they don’t contain the liquorice extract in traditional black liquorice. Darrell Lea’s soft eating liquorice contains this extract and makes it true liquorice.

Both Derek and Rachel find the Darrell Lea branded liquorice much chewier than the tough, plastic-like Twizzlers. Though, Twizzlers are good for getting out the soft Darrell Lea liquorice from between your teeth.

Twizzlers are kosher certified.
Both companies make a variety of liquorice flavours including traditional black liquorice.

Informative links:

Twizzlers – Y&S Candies, Inc, a subsidiary of The Hershey CompanyPurchased from Walmart

Darrell Lea Strawberry Soft Eating LiquoricePurchased from World Market in Fort Worth, Texas

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