SA 010: Double Chili + Mango

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Derek invites his Dad on the show for the first time. They’re both fans of chili (the herb/spice), so the two chocolates featured in this episode should have a familiarity on their palettes.

This is a first time for both Lindt and Hachez on the show. I assure you it won’t be the last time you see Lindt on the show.

Hachez is a German chocolatier founded by Joseph Emile Hachez in 1890. They produce dark chocolates ranging from 55%-88% cocoa. Most of their chocolates include unusual flavouring combinations such as the Mango-Chili tasted in this episode.

Lindt & Sprüngli was founded in 1845 by a father and son in Switzerland. Over the years Lindt has acquired various chocolate companies, including American chocolatier Ghirardelli. The company produces many flavours of chocolate and cocoa levels reach all the way up to a block that contains 99% of the brown gold. There are currently six Lindt Chocolat Cafés in the world and they’re all in Australia — 4 in Sydney; 2 in Melbourne.

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Production notes

This episode was recorded in Sydney, Australia.

Camera – Sony HDR-FX1 HDV Handycam® Camcorder
Audio – RØDE VideoMic
Lighting – Large softbox

Recorded in PAL 1080i (yeah, I know: fail) which outputs HDV (1440×1080) @ 25fps.
Edited in 1080i @ 25 fps and exported to 1080p @ 25 fps.

Note: I exported Episode 8 in 30 fps and it resulted in blending frames. This episode should look sharper.

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