SA 006: Creole & Gianduja Chocolates

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Derek gives a look behind the scenes of the room he and Rachel are recording in. They only use a couple of lights and a reflector to get the even lighting.

In this episode, Derek and Rachel try two chocolate blocks from different parts of the world.

Vosges Creole Exotic Candy Bar is a bittersweet dark chocolate (70% cocoa) with a hint of chicory coffee, plus cocoa nibs. The chocolate is dry to the touch, but once rubbed between two fingers it begins to release its unique aroma that will have you tasting it seconds later.

Derek explains that Vosges‘ owner and chocolatier, Katrina Markoff, personally chooses every spice, flower and chocolate that is flown into Vosges’ kitchen in Chicago. That’s just the beginning of what an amazing company Vosges is.

Caffarel is an Italian company that has a much longer history than Vosges; it started in 1826. Derek and Rachel try their Gianduja chocolate block which melts quickly to the touch. The Gianduja chocolate contains hazelnuts and is very creamy. Try melting it in some milk and making a really delicious chocolate milk.

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Vosges Creole Exotic Candy BarPurchased from World Market in Fort Worth, Texas

Caffarel Gianduja Chocolate BlockPurchased from World Market in Fort Worth, Texas

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