Sweet Adventures takes you in to the world of candy by reviewing candies, chocolates, and other confectioneries. Adventures to the plethora of different geographical locations sweets are made will occur.


Sweet Adventures was an idea that Derek Steen and Nicky Ainley thought up while working at Sugar Fix in 2006. Working in such an exciting environment spawned many ideas, and a sketchbook was dedicated to the project.

Over the course of a year Derek and Nicky thought about ways to get their passion for candy on television. Confectionary companies and local boutique stores (such as Max Brenner) showed interest in the idea, and welcomed us to film at their locations. Booyah!

Then Derek and Nicky were seperated by an ocean for a while and Sweet Adventures was tucked away for a couple of years.

Zoom in to 2008. Derek received a giant shove of motivation from watching various episodes Gary Vaynerchuk’s Wine Library TV.


Derek Steen — Host, Camera, Editing, Social Media
Nicky Ainley — Co-host, Nutritional information

Mitch Bartlett — Website design, Pre-roll video introduction (made in After Effects)
Rachel Mayo — Theme music, guest host