SA 001: Warheads & Haribo Cola Bottles

Posted on Apr. 07, 2009

Derek Jay Steen introduces Sweet Adventures. He’s extremely excited about candy.

Sweet Adventures was dreamed up by Derek and Nicky Ainley in 2006 whilst working at Sugar Fix. Each week there will be information and tasting of sweets from around the world.

In the debut episode Derek and his guest Rachel review Warheads Extreme Sour and Haribo Happy Cola (cola bottles).

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Haribo Happy Cola

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  • Corey Harris

    I love Haribo gummies! When I was little my family lived in England and we would get them all the time. I think the American ones taste different and are stiffer. As for Warheads, I haven't touched them since I was 13. I used to be addicted to them, But I ate them so much that they ate a hole into my tongue. It was gross!

  • ewsteen

    Great web design! Good quality vid. Excellento!

  • heyitsRachel

    Yaaaaay Sweet Adventures! :D

  • heyitsRachel

    Yaaaaay Sweet Adventures! :D

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